Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kitchen Towels, A Woman's Duct Tape

I have discovered woman's equivalent to a man's roll of duct towels. No, really. It's true.

I had the misfortune of running into a metal pole with my car this afternoon. It came out of nowhere. Since this is my third time attacking a defenseless pole, I figure there must be a reasonable explanation. Some people have a sixth sense. Well, I guess I am missing part of a sense. Apparently the part of my vision that detects metal poles no work good. Darn those invisible poles!

My front bumper was bent forward on one side, and although it bounced right back into place, the plastic pieces underneath were torn. So there I was, stranded in the middle of nowhere (well, actually, it was the county fairgrounds) with pieces of plastic hanging down from the front end of my car. As both the daughter and wife of a mechanic I found myself desperately wishing for a roll of duct tape. I dug around in the back of my car for a suitable MacGuyveresque substitute and I ran across...several kitchen towels that were cradling some dishes. I pulled out one of the dish towels and used it to tie the pieces of plastic together underneath my bumper. Having rigged the plastic so that it wouldn't drag on the ground, I drove carefully home and waited for my husband (the mechanic) to return home.

I had to be in Omaha tonight for a writing workshop, so I anxiously paced the garage and driveway while Matt used actual tools and screws to replace my kitchen towel. Since I had to wait for Matt to fix my car I was running late for my workshop, so I hit the road just as soon as Matt was out from under the car. Yes, I waited until he was out of the way. :)

I know what you're thinking-driving up 42nd Street, bumping through a pothole jungle, bad idea. But guess what? Matt's patch job actually held. Yea, Matt!

So, the moral of the story is three-fold: 1-Matt is a good mechanic. 2-Kitchen towels work just as well as duct tape. 3-Watch out for those invisible metal poles!

Here's to life's lessons. Bow...Curtsy...Thank you very much. I'm sorry, but I am not performing encores at this time. Try again next week, preferably later.

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  1. Matt is a great Mechanic, but you know what....he has a pretty clever wife too...I would never have given a dish towel a second chance! You ROCK!

    But I have a better idea, stay away from those poles! They bite!