Tuesday, July 26, 2011

God Will Provide

The Scriptures are filled with promises and evidence of God’s provision. In Genesis, God Himself provided the lamb for Abraham’s sacrifice. Isaiah speaks of how God provided water to His people in the desert. There are several instances of Him providing food to His people, and I Peter instructs us to do everything “with the strength God provides.” I find it disturbing that even with all of the evidence of God’s provision found in the Bible we tend to forget God’s promises when our own needs crop up. I also find it amazing that He continues to provide for all of our needs, even when our faith wavers or we forget to ask.

My friend, Jenni, is dealing with a difficult situation right now. Her husband was hospitalized yesterday with pancreatitis, and will likely remain in the hospital for a few days. She has three young children to care for, the youngest of whom is still a baby. This situation seems overwhelming, but it is actually an example of how God both anticipates and provides for us in every circumstance.

Some people may call it luck, but I call it providential. For a few weeks now Jenni’s best friend has been living with her and her husband. This friend is getting ready to leave and go back home, but in the meantime, her significant other has come out here to help her pack and move. Coincidentally, these two are planning to leave in about a week, which should be the same time that Jenni’s husband is released from the hospital.

Jenni was understandably upset at the idea of losing her other half and acting as a single parent for a week, but thanks to God’s foresight, she has two adults staying with her to help out during her husband’s illness. With the addition of these two helpers into the equation, Jenni not only has assistance with her kids and home, but she is also able to leave her kids at home every few hours and go visit her husband in the hospital.

Of course, there are still obstacles to overcome. Jenni’s husband needs healing, and they will have a difficult time with the loss of income and the added burden of hospital bills. However, if we truly believe in the stories of God’s provision portrayed in the Bible, we can be confident that none of these hurdles is too difficult for our omnipotent God to leap over.

Are you experiencing an impossible situation, one that you cannot figure out how to survive? If so, take this promise to heart, “The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped” (Psalm 28:7a NIV).

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  1. I am so blessed today that: 1) I was able to attend church today, 2) that I was able to visit with you! 3) that I found your blog!
    Your visit and now blog have blessed and encouraged me! Funny how God does that! :) I foresee many more blessings for both of us! But, not without the struggle and trials. Why would God not take care of us with all that He has done in the past? God bless you and your family today!