Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Schizzing out with the Schnabels

Summer Vacation, Day 1:

Today did not go as planned. Big surprise there. Blood draws for the three youngest were painful for all involved, although Alyssa's Oscar-Winning dramatic performance WAS pretty funny: "Don't poke me, don't poke me, YOWWWWW!!!! SCREAM!!!!!" Can you say drama queen?

We grabbed a quick treat afterwards while waiting for my sister Stefanie to join us for our Humane Society excursion. Then we piled into the car and headed into Omaha...only to turn around and drive back to Gretna, where I had left my debit card sitting on the counter at the vet's office.

We tried for Omaha again, only to find ourselves stranded in the middle of a semi-abandoned neighborhood. Andrew and Abby were both incredibly carsick. We pulled off onto a quiet neighborhood street and Andrew jumped out of the car, took off his shirt (What? He was hot.) and proceeded to lay down in someone's yard. Meanwhile Abby rolled down her window and hung out of the car, tongue lolling like a slow-witted dog. Neither of them threw up, but we had to wait a good twenty minutes before their tummies calmed enough for us to get back on the road. Blessing: I assume no one was home at the house we parked in front of, otherwise the cops would have shown up to take our half-naked lawn urchin into custody.

Six more miles in the car, with Andrew turning fourteen shades of green, and we landed at Applebee's. Air conditioning, salty food, and lack of motion seemed to be in order to cure what ailed my two middles. Which is where we got today's photo:

Yes, there is something wrong with the lighting on my phone camera. No, Ashley is not toothless. Yes, I'm gonna need a new camera phone.

Applebee's turned out to be just what everyone needed, but unfortunately by that time my sister had to get back to Gretna for work. So no Humane Society today. I guess we will try again tomorrow. For now, we are all crashed out on couches, eyes glazed over, as Vin Diesel attempts to portray a super tough babysitter/Navy SEAL. Dang, summer vacation is hard work.

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