Friday, October 30, 2009

Whoa! Slow Down!

This Sunday my family cut church. In my adolescent years I cut classes occasionally, as most semi-rebellious teenagers do, but I rarely, if ever, skip out on church. Namely because I sing on the praise team-so everyone would notice if I didn't show up. :)

We didn't have the usual excuse for skipping church, such as a sick kid,or an overdue homework assignment, we were just too tired to go. So instead we stayed home and lounged in our pajamas all morning long. We wrestled with and tickled the kids,and drank enough hot coffee to float a submarine (well, in my case it was creamer and coffee).

I normally do not condone skipping church because I believe that regular church attendance should be an integral part of every Christian's life. However, in this case I can justify it to myself, because of the miraculous revelation that occurred to me whilst I was clad in my red plaid pajamas.

I like hanging out with my family! Who would have guessed such a thing? The problem is that we have been so busy running around-to church, school, ballet, etc. that we haven't had the time to just hang out. I had forgotten how important it is to include some down time in our weekly schedule.

One morning of laziness made me realize how much I miss my husband and kids. I see them every day--well, not Matt...darn the Air Force :)--but I am so busy making sure things get done that I am not enjoying my family as much as I should.

I had an epiphany on Sunday (no matter that it was induced by a caffeine overdose) but I am not sure how to remedy the situation. Matt works on Saturday mornings-nothing I can do about that-and we have church on Sunday-no, we can't play hooky every week.

If only the elementary school would start at noon instead of 8:00, then we could spend the mornings vegging in our pj's. Why do the public schools have to be so selfish anyway? Don't they think about my wants? Guess not. (grin)

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  1. Some days are just meant for jammies! And some days we do need to put us first no matter what. I bet God understood too! Good for you girl!