Monday, April 12, 2010

Ask Your Father

Tonight I took Abby to her ballet class. Andrew tagged along so he could link up his Nintendo DS with the other bored brothers to play Mario Kart, and the other two girls stayed home with their dad. As I'm driving home I start getting text messages from Ashley. There is a problem with the cat (his paw was dirty) and she wants to know what she should do about it. I text her back (while stopped at a stop sign, don't worry) "Hellooo...ask your father." You know, the parent who is actually at home right now?

The same thing happens when I shut myself in the spare bedroom to work on a paper. Kids come knocking at the door wanting to know if I can get them a drink. Meanwhile, their dad is sitting in the dining room! Why come all this way to ask me, when you know I am busy, and your father is right there? Makes no sense to me, but honestly I think they do it because Matt is more likely to say "no" to things, whereas I am more likely to give them the answer they want to hear.

As I was busy berating Ashley in my head for bothering me when her father was the one home with her, I realized that I do the exact same thing. When I need to make a decision about something, I ask for advice from everyone I know until I find someone who gives me the answer I want to hear. I can just see God sitting up there in heaven shaking His head and saying, "Why is she asking her friends what to do when she knows I am right here with the answer?"

That is a very good question. I know why I do it- because God's answer might not be the one I want. Silly girl! I have a resource available to me 24 hours a day. He knows the future and He always wants what's best for me. Why would I go looking for advice anywhere else? That's just crazy.

Lucky for me God has a way of knocking me upside the head when I stray too far from the direction I should be going. So, not only is He constantly available and willing to help me, He also saves me from my own bad choices.

Thank you, God, for being faithful to me even when I am trying to ignore You. Please help me not to be such an idiot. :)

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  1. So true-haven't we all been guilty of this at one time or another. Thanks for the reminder that he has the answers and the good news is He is always available-What an awesome God we have!