Saturday, August 21, 2010

Large Family, Small Town School

Thursday night we went to the kids’ open house at the elementary school. It’s supposed to be a time for them to meet their teachers, although it’s a small town school so we already knew most of them. This will be our third year with Mrs. O. (2nd grade) and our second year with both Mrs. Bacon (3rd grade) and Mrs. Cook (Kindergarten). So really, we should have all gone to meet Ashley’s teachers. That way the younger three kids can just skip their fifth grade orientation altogether. :)

After we “met” all of the kids’ teachers, Matt went into the office to pick up an after-school care registration form for those days when he’s running late from work and I have night school. The registration form gives the hourly rates for one kid, two kids, and three kids (the rate is discounted for families). Well, we have four. So Matt asked the principal, “How much is it for four kids?” The answer: “I don’t know, we’ve never had four before.”

Interesting. How can this be? Here are the explanations I came up with: 1) People don’t have their kids so close together in age that they are all in elementary school at once. Good idea. Wish I’d thought of it. 2) People with this many kids can’t afford daycare, so mom doesn’t work. She stays home, thus eliminating the need for daycare in the first place. Good idea. Wish I’d thought of it.

The good news is we are setting a precedent for country-dwellers everywhere (in the E-M district, that is). Thanks to the Schnabel family, the after-school care program now has a rate in place for families with four kids. :D

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