Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcome Home, Honey

Matt came home yesterday morning after a two week work trip. He was home all day working on getting the camper cleaned out from some stowaway field mice and wasps. He was in and out of the house, bringing in sleeping bags and dishes that needed to be washed. We ate dinner together as a family and the two of us tucked the kids into bed. I would’ve thought that a full day spent together would be enough to acclimate us after only a two week separation…but I was wrong.

You know in the movies, when a couple gets really drunk and wakes up lying next to a complete stranger and wearing a cheap wedding ring (think What Happens in Vegas)? Or how about the infamous cartoon double takes? One of the Looney Toons characters sees something unexpected which startles them, so they have to take a second look to figure out what’s going on. That happened to me this morning.

Thanks to my sleepy time meds, I tend to sleep about five or six hours without interruption. Then I wake up, sore from laying on one side for so long, and flip over to my other side to try and snooze a little longer. Normally when Matt is home he gets up to shower for work right before my bed turnover, so when I flip to my right side I am cuddling up with his empty pillow. Of course, the same goes for when he is out of town, since he was never in the bed to begin with.

This morning, though, when I completed my turnover…gasp! There was a human in my bed! Cue cartoon double take. Obviously I wasn’t fully awake yet, since it took the double take for me to realize what was going on. Either that or my intelligence is the equivalent of a cartoon bunny’s. I prefer to believe it was the former. You’d think after twelve years of marriage to a military man I would get used to: There’s a man in my bed. Oh, wait, no there’s not. Oh, yes there is. Guess I’m slow to adapt.

On a cuter note: Alyssa, who is 100% Momma’s girl, was quite attached to her Daddy upon his return yesterday. She spent the morning lounging on his lap in her nightgown like he was a cushy leather recliner. Then in the afternoon she became Daddy’s helper, carefully wiping down everything he dragged out of the camper with spray cleanser and paper towels. This is the same little princess who habitually cons her older brother and sisters into doing her chores and running errands for her. Yet she was outside for several hours, sweat dripping down her long ponytail, following Daddy around like she was interning for a new job. Awww…


  1. Could be grandmother told me when she first married my grandfather she woke up one night and was so shocked to find a man in her bed she decked him! Gave him a black eye and their new congregation something to talk about for weeks! lol

  2. That's funny, Heather. :) One time (several years ago) Matt came home in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. I was startled awake when he came in the bedroom, sat straight up in bed and asked him "Who is it?" He was like, duh, it's your husband.

  3. Diana, there was a time with Leonard going back and forth to the hospital that I too would wake up and be startled that there was someone in my bed with me. Glad to hear I am not the only one! Love ya!