Sunday, August 15, 2010

Celtic Woman Review

This is the review I posted with Ticketmaster. If you want to try and find it I posted on August 11th under JoyfulinHope.

"Great Musicians Rock the Quest Center"

In this day of reality TV shows such as American Idol, and amateur sensations created on youtube, the term "music artist" is bandied about quite loosely. Seeing Celtic Woman in concert was a refreshing change from the usual bubble gum pop stars.

The musicians are all extremely talented, from the drummers, who rocked instruments I hadn't even seen before, to the old man jamming out on the guitar. The violinist is not only gifted musically, but her enthusiasm as she dances around the stage brings the violin out of classical obscurity and places it in the foreground of great music in general.

Of course, the singers are the focal point of the show. These women have beautiful voices that shine alone in solo pieces, and blend together in perfect harmony in the rest, accentuated by the six singers that act as supporting choir. Their graceful movements and whimsical dancing, as well as their lilting Irish accents and friendly personas combine with great music to provide a show that is well worth attending.

Celtic Woman is now at the top of my list for must see concerts. I will definitely attend another concert, but next time with my three daughters in tow, along with anyone else I can convince to go.

Favorite moment: You haven't heard "Amazing Grace" until you've heard it in a three-part harmony with bagpipes in the foreground.

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